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Ever wondered what Mrs. Tišma is like outside of school? Or what she actually does? Liza & Zlatka sat down with Mrs Tišma to get to know her better.

We all know Mrs. Tišma as a principal. But she is so much more. A mom, a friend and a lot of other things.

Mrs. Tišma started a kindergarten in 2006 but she really wanted the kids in her kindergarten to have a place to continue to elementary level. Mrs. Tišma wanted to make a bigger impact. She worked very hard for 5 years. It took time because she needed staff and she needed to accredit the program. After all the preparation and hard work, the school, Bright Horizons opened its doors to its first students in 2013. This school year will mark Bright Horizons 10 year anniversary.

It is hard to imagine Mrs. Tišma as a primary school student but of course she was. Her favourite subject was history. She remarked "It is a very important subject and it teaches you a lot of crucial life skills, especially critical thinking." History was Mrs. Tišma’s passion in school and she always looked forward to history lessons. Overall, Mrs. Tišma was a good student in school. She had challenges but learnt from them.

Mrs. Tišma believes that mental and physical health are equally important and she said “Children must have both mental and physical health so they grow up to be a healthy individuals.” Mrs. Tišma looks at every child individually and she tries to remember her childhood in all school events. She does the same when she sees a student misbehaving, she looks at the individual student and tries to understand the reason behind the child's actions.

Did you always do your homework?

In primary school it was very important to submit your homework on time and not only me but many students in my generation didn't have an issue with submitting homework on time. In high school with all the subjects that the gymnasium offered it was quite challenging to submit everything on time with all the assessments that were planned so I do believe that I did sometimes need to ask for an extension or help from a peer.

Who was your favourite teacher?

I had many amazing teachers but if I had to pick someone particularly, I would mention an English teacher who taught my class when I was in Y5. I still remember how she got us all interested for the English language. I still believe that the most important part of school life are the teachers who are passionate educators and who share this passion with the students that they teach.

"Children must have both mental and physical health so they grow up to be healthy individuals", says Ms Tišma.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always knew that I would like to work in the educational world and I always found it very exciting to have an opportunity to have a chance to experience different cultures so I am very happy that as part of my job I am involved in many activities that celebrate cultural diversities.

What were your hobbies growing up?

In primary school I was a member of the photography group at school. It was such a great experience. We were a small groups of students guided by our enthusiastic teacher who taught us how to manually develop photographs. It was a lovely experience to learn the process of making photographs and learn such an interesting new skill.

Here is some of Mrs. Tišma’s advice for her students:

  • Never give up

  • Believe in yourself

  • Be persistent

  • Follow your dreams

Follow this link to find out more about how Mrs. Tišma she started the school…

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