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It's been a busy first term for 2022, jam packed with fascinating field trips and exciting class excursions. We talked to some of the students from each of the classes to find out what they made of it all and what's on their field trip wish list for term 2.

Year 1

We went to the botanical garden.

It was fun and interesting.

We saw a beehive, a castle, flowers of all colours, and trees.

Field Trip Wishlist
He wants to go to Dinopark or Legoland.                  

Year 2

We went to a botanical garden.

It was enjoyable.

We saw lilies, sunflowers, and trees and had a treasure hunt.

Field Trip Wishlist
A place by the ocean where trees never die and grow ten branches and apples.

Year 3

We went to Krapina.

It was interesting.

We saw lots of pre-historic statues.

Field Trip Wishlist
To go to a football stadium.

Year 4

We went to Mini Polis.

It was great.

We loved the food.

Field Trip Wishlist
To a dinosaur film or Amazinga.

Year 5A

We went on a nature trip.

We loved the ice cream.

We saw many places.

Field Trip Wishlist
She wants to go on another nature trip.

Year 7

We went to Papuk.

The bus ride was great.

We learned not to judge a book by its cover.

Field Trip Wishlist
They want to go to a tropical place or Gardaland,

Year 8

We went to the theatre and watched Tajni Dnevnik Adriana Molea - The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.

We learned all of the characters' personalities and never to lie.

Field Trip Wishlist
We want to go on a 5-day trip.
We think that field trips are important because they are beneficial to our our mental and physical health and to learn more about crucial topics such as history, culture, how to behave, and much more.

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