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Mr Krznar shares his sporting challenges and achievements and gives us some great tips for the coming sports season.

Why is Physical education important to him?

Physical education is important for all of us. We must all learn basic movements and variation of sports that exist from an early age.

What sports were you interested in when you were in Primary school?

As I was very active when I was kid, my dad decided to enrol my brother and I for Karate. From seven till thirteen I was active in karate training .

What kind of preparation did you do?

We had trainings two to three times per week, mostly in the late evening, around 7 or 8 pm. The training would last around one and a half hours. I still remember the names of the kicks and punches in Japanese that we had to know and learn.

What was your greatest sporting achievement?

My greatest achievement in karate was first place in team event on international tournament, which I think was in Bosnia or Hungary. Then a couple of silver and bronze medals on Croatian or international ground.

What was your biggest disappointment and how did you get over it?

My biggest disappointment... Wow, I can not remember it now.

Advise on how to prepare for sporting events?

Before every competition or sport event there must be hard work and proper rest. Usually an excellent trainer can keep a good balance between these two things.

What should we expect this year for sporting competitions?

This school year we have many competitions that our students can and will take part in. The events are: athletics, swimming, basketball, volleyball, football, futsal, skiing, table tennis, chess, cross country running and many others.

What competitions did we have this school year?

Until now we have many events. We had Futsal, Basketball, Athletics, Chess, Cross country running for boys and Volleyball.

What is the best result we have achieved so far?

Our best results came the first year we start to compete with other schools. It was from mini football and futsal. Girls were third in mini football and they played final and won second place in futsal. They were one step away from the national football competition between schools.

What makes you happy as a PE teacher?

What makes me happy about doing my job, being a PE teacher is children that I teach and my colleges. My students smiles, happiness and emotions during physical activities/sports and atmosphere in school in general.

How many years are you PE teacher?

This will be my fourth year as a PE teacher.

What other competitions we have still this year? This school year we will have many activities, such as Swimming, Skiing Futsal, Mini football, Basketball, Athletics, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Table tennis and many others.

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