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This year, Bright Horizons Y8 girls took part in AToM league.

AToM league is a team competition for primary and secondary school students in mathematics, physics and chemistry. It was created with the desire to popularize science and mathematics, to increase the motivation of students and their mentors in their work, and to encourage togetherness and teamwork. The organiser of the competition is MAT, trade for teaching, owned by prof. of mathematics Maja Zelčić.

This year, on 17th of November, Bright Horizons Year 8 girls participated. The competition included Math, Chemistry and Physics. There were 2 groups of three, with group one including Nora Lisica, Magdalena Jakovljević and Meeral Dahan and group 2 including, Tara Koprivc, Nina Dragčević and Janka Žiher. Their teacher Mateja Maričić was very proud of their accomplishments, as were other teachers. The girls prepared a lot for the competition, considering how much time they actually spent at the competition.

The next competition Bright Horizons will participate in is the 2023 National You Be The Chemist Challenge.

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