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Yay! Snow day!

(excerpt from a Snow Day diary by a pupil)

Snow is falling and the town is white. This is the first proper snow in Zagreb, Croatia this year! Finally!

Let’s remember the date – it’s Friday morning, the 19th of January. We are in our school and we are watching through the window as the snow is falling. You can just bet that all we want to do is go outside and go crazy!

On the break, we get a fantastic surprise! Our dear Ms. Đurić lets us out to play in the snow! Finally, we are so happy to breathe that cold air.  We feel relaxed and it’s the best time we’ve had all day, snowmen-making and snow football for everyone! However, the glitch is - everyone just got wet! No problem - we will dry our clothes in the school. Ms. Đurić isn't mad and we can go back to class, with thanks to our counsellor.

It was such a beautiful day! We didn't have any snow for Christmas, but we have it now and we can enjoy ourselves with family and friends in the school. 

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