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We often get challenged to step outside our comfort zone by our relentlessly motivating teachers. It is sometimes not easy, yet that is exactly where miracles happen! Like, for instance, with our guest poets from Year 6A who have sent us 2 gifts for Christmas this year! Enjoy their poetry and write some yourself - if you dare!

Klara's poem:

Christmas, o Christmas,

It's the best time of the year,

Filled with jolly and cheer.

Christmas, o Christmas,

Shining like the star on the tree,

It always amazes me!

Christmas, o Christmas,

So jolly and bright,

Kids can barely say goodnight,

When the moon comes up,

Like a big white balloon,

And Santa's sleigh comes dashing through.

Petra's poem:

Christmas, o Christmas,

It's the best time of the year,

full of jolly and cheer.

Never on Christmas, on a child's face fell a single tear.

Christmas, o Christmas,

The feast, oh how yummy!

I always feel a rumble in my tummy, 

the chicken in my belly and I adore the jelly.

Christmas, o Christmas,

the winter's freezing snow,

and the wind's gentle blow,

make children's faces light up and glow.

Christmas, o Christmas,

dashing through comes Santa's sleigh,

all the children peek out their windows

and yell 'Hooray!' 

Christmas, o Christmas

everybody can agree that it's truly the best time of year.

We all gather around the fireplace

and enjoy a melted cup of cheer.

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