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Total mess, sticky fingers, colours, glitter, sugar all around? Creative disputes, sparks of genius, teamwork at its best?

Yes, you guessed it! It's the Gingerbread House competition in Bright Horizons! And this year it was not just one house per class, but entire villages! Classes discussed various designs, collected their decorations, and then finally, with the help of their Art teacher and form teachers, they all dug deep into sugar, caramel, toppings and icing to create tiny places of magic! To be honest, victory is sweet even if you don't win!

After all the pupils and teachers have voted, the winning gingerbread piece of architecture goes to - Year 6B for their gingerbread Whoville! Remarkable work! Yummy, too.

Congratulations to everyone! We hope you washed your fingers off properly after making the houses/villages!

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