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For the first day of spring, we have something fun for you. At Bright Horizons, we simply LOVE riddles! We love to guess them, to make them and even to look for them. Here are some spring riddles we prepared for you... Have fun and share them with friends and family...

  • What, if not a pitcher, can fall and pour without injuring anyone? 


  • In the case of rain, what begins to rise?  

         (A shelter.)

  • What gift is offered to May by April? 


  • What needs to be destroyed before it can be used? 

(An egg.)

  • What kind of bow can’t be tied? 

(A rainbow.)

  • What goes up when the rain comes down? 

(An umbrella.)

  • What flower is the best kisser? 


  • How does a bird find its nest on a treasure map? 

(Eggs mark the spot.)

Can you make some riddles of your own? Try it! It's so much fun! Riddles are pure brain fitness!

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