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Reading stories with the school principal and Santa Claus? Of course, we did that, too at Bright Horizons this week before Christmas! And it was phenomentastic!

Years 1 and 2 even had a special guest performance by Year 7A who prepared a little Christmas show for our tiniest pupils and sang The Little Snowflake song to them. We couldn't help but sing along with them. Thank you, Year 7A, for preparing this for the little ones!

You could really not say who felt happier - the children, the principal or Santa Claus! Reading stories together and talking about them is something that is not just exercise for the eyes - it is healthy for the brain, for the mind and for the heart! Sharing laughter and awe together - pure holiday joy!

We all hope you have someone to read with this holiday-time! If you have nothing else to read, read some Christmas stories and poetry from our very own newsletter:)

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