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Among many sports and academic successes of our friends from Bright Horizons, you may remember our story from last year - the one about family values and sports successes of our fantastic Helena and Andrej Petrović. SPORTS AND FAMILY VALUES HAND IN HAND (

Well, here is an update:)

We are very proud to announce that this weekend Helena and her duo partner won gold medal in duo routine. They also won gold medal in team routine and silver medal in combinations routine. In 2 weeks, they have the City Competition and the week after that the State competition in Split. Helena is currently training with the Croatian national team as part for the preparation for the European championship that will be in Athens on 20th – 25th of May 2024.

Our Andrej is currently recovering from a minor injury and we wish him all the best and a steady recovery! Resilience matters and we know he will be up and running the football pitch very soon!

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