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This week's Assembly was dedicated to the International Day of Families. Bright Horizons is a large community of international families and we cherish their stories very much. There are many siblings in our school and numerous talented children, so our BZ team will be trying to feature as many of them as we possibly can. We always do our best to celebrate the pupils' achievements because they are wonderful role models to all of us. Today we would like to share one family story with you...

One of such amazing families is the Petrović family and their dynamic duo of siblings! Helena is an incredible synchronized swimmer and her brother Andrej is a successful football player. Here are just some of their recent accomplishments...

Andrej and his team won the first place (a big gold medal and an even bigger trophy ) at the International Football Tournament held in Medulin. There were 36 teams from 7 European countries. Soon after, the first big international tournament for Andrej's club NK Lokomotiva Zagreb took place in Comacchio (ITA), an international football tournament for players under 10 - the Berba cup. It was an incredible experience for all the kids who attended this tournament (and their families), because they played Juventus, AC Milan, Roma, Sporting Lisbon, Bologna and many others...

Helena competed in synchronized swimming at The European Championships XXXI National Championships „OPEN“ (Age Group 10U, 12U and Junior) in April this year. Helena was competing in the following categories: technical figures, solo, duo and team. The score in technical figures was adding up to the scores in other categories in order to obtain the final result. Helena obtained 5th place in technical figures (among 110 contestants), and because of that, despite her highest score in solo performance, in that category she was ranked at 5th place. In the team category she won the gold medal and in the duo category she won the silver medal. There was total of around 110 contestants from 6 or 7 European countries. Overall, she was less than 1 point away from the gold medal in all other categories (technical figures, solo and duo).

Their families must be bursting with pride! We would like to thank their parents for sharing the news with us, because most of our high achievers are modest and you would never even know what miracles they achieve! They are great friends to their respective classes (Helena is in Year 6 and Andrej is in Year 4) and they somehow manage to do all their tasks on time!

Dear parents, guardians and teachers, we are so grateful for all your support! We are lucky to have you in our lives, making it possible for many of us to strive and achieve the best results in academics and sport! Dear Helena and Andrej, you make us believe everything is possible and we thank you for it!

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