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You may remember us writing about some of our amazing athletes from Bright Zone. Well, we do enjoy keeping in touch and keeping you updated on their amazing achievements, both in and out of school.

We all know and love our Helena and Andrej Petrović - two of a great number of pupils balancing their everyday lives with sports superpowers, thanks to their extraordinary support community of parents, friends, teachers and fans! We wrote about them before (Check out this and this!)

Now, because we want you all to know that we are all constantly working on improving our skills and celebrating each other's achievements, here is an update on these amazing siblings! Keep sending us your news - we love to celebrate them!

Among fierce competition at a football tournament in Serbia, Andrej's club NK Lokomotiva won the prestigious international football tournament European Trophy where over 200 players from several European clubs participated (Atletico Madrid ranked 4th). Our Andrej was awarded with the Best player of the tournament award. Go, Andrej! You can check out his profile here! Some day we hope to be rooting for you at a senior championship! World Cup, perhaps?

As for Helena, she and her duo partner fought tough competitors from the EU and USA recently and won gold medal in duo routine! Not only that, but they also won the bronze medal as a team in combinations routine! This upcoming weekend, Helena will compete in solo routine at European clubs championship in Budapest. Best of luck, Helena!

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