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Our traditional maths evening was a hit again!

On PI Day Eve, 13th March, the school was all abuzz with people of different ages, timid and shy at first, gathering around to see how it is possible to claim that maths is not difficult. Would you dare?

Well, our visitors, parents and carers decided to dare and meet us after regular school hours to face some of the challenges.  It was fun to try out the different stations with a variety of activities, but it was especially exciting to have our parents join us as well! Trust us, it is simply impossible to think of maths as anything difficult when you join games such as these!

A big THANK YOU to our teachers who prepared such amazing challenges. Just in case anyone is wondering who did better at maths - children or parents... It was us kids, naturally;)!

By the way, our Maths Evenings are turning into full-speed STEAM these years, so we also enjoyed the Renaissance Art exhibition by our middle years' pupils and Ms Barton presented our Erasmus Minecraft project which is now in full swing! (Gamification, here we come! If you still haven't checked out what this is, check our previous article on AI- Cosmic and then join us on Facebook to get the latest news on our project! We are coding, creating and rocking it!

PS: We dare you to join us next year!

(photos courtesy of our principal, Ms Tišma)

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