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Our amazing drama club, led by the ever-inspirational Mr Paddy, has done so many amazing things this year. Their performance at our 10-year Anniversary show was memorable, but this didn't make them just chill, lie back and not do anything. They continued practising and even had their end-of-year performance for the select audience:). Here is a short report!

Bright Horizon's drama club has been rehearsing all year and the hard work paid off as they performed an amazing show of Peter Pan to friends and family Monday, 24 June at 4:30. The whole crowd was laughing as they took us on a journey from London to Neverland and back again. There were pirates, lost kids, Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle and even a hungry crocodile. Drama club is once a week afterschool and open to year 3 pupils and older. Come try out drama next year and see what the fun is all about! 

Thank you to our wonderful performers and their one-and-only Mr Paddy, who is even giving us a fun gift-workshop on Thursday for all our pupils who may be interested in drama!

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