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This is us, too! Can you believe it? Of course you can - you already know how progressive-thinking we are!

Our project leader, Ms Faith Barton, our Computing teacher, has graciously sent us some information for all those curious minds who would like to know more about our amazing project!

Project name:


Project website:          

Project facebook:        

We would LOVE some more followers and likes on the Facebook page.

Project tasks:  

Investigating the areas of artificial intelligence and coding in and for primary education.

A handbook has been compiled called: AI-Cosmic Handbook: A practitioner’s approach to AI and Coding in Minecraft

What is AI?

What is gamification? 

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles into any teaching and learning context. i.e. as a Pedagogical Tool

How does gamification help learning?     

Creativity, independence, thinking skills, problem solving skills that benefit across the curriculums not just in Computing.


What is Minecraft Education?           

Minecraft Education Edition is one of the most powerful game based learning tools available for schools today. It offers an immersive experience that allows students to display their understanding of a topic through the power of play.

 There are many hundreds of hours of lessons covering a range of subjects available for pupils.

  1. Main Objectives of MC Education      Goal Orientated Environment

  2. Feedback delivered through challenges

  3. Content on user needs / backgrounds

  4. Motivational workflows = quizzes / challenges

  5. Emotional engagement through real life scenarios


What are BH pupils doing in Minecraft ?       

  • Learn in frozen worlds

  • Being in teams on build tasks

  • Building maze/ moat/ house/ stadium/ pyramids

  • Designing an Airport

  •  Excavating fossils and being in a bush ranger gang!

  •  Escape a puzzle filled mansion

  •   Exploring a range of worlds

  •   Esports

How to...?

Is there assessment in MC Education?          

This is an example of a rubric for the Simple Build a House Challenge.

Home School Agreement           

All parents have been sent a home - school agreement via email which sets out the Minecraft rules regarding the pupils new Microsoft account and the commercial Minecraft licenses that have been procured by the school.

And remember...

“Minecraft is easy to use and implement in a classroom. It promotes student independence and creativity, but it's also an immensely collaborative tool that I have witnessed being integrated across all grade levels and content areas. Students can apply their understanding in truly unique and often unanticipated ways.”

John Miller, Educator and Global Mentor

More information        

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