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Kangaroo competition strikes again!

This April, our amazing Year 4 Form teacher, the creative and versatile Ms Postružin got everyone in the school excited about another edition of the massive maths competition called Klokan or Kangaroo:). Our followers may remember our feature on Kangaroo from last year - here. Kangaroo never gets old and this year was no different than the previous years!

The school was abuzz with anxious comments, strict rules, focus and dedication from all the competitors! The teachers put on their most severe faces and watched over each category vigilantly! We are being very secretive as far as details are concerned, so there is not a lot we can share apart from the fact that everyone put their best thinking hats on and ideas in the form of numbers filled up their exam papers!

Here is the latest info from our Kangaroo lead teacher - Ms Postružin:

''The results of the competition for the best-placed students will be published on April 29, 2024, on the same website, and other participants can find out their placement from the school commissioner from May 15, 2024.''

Fingers crossed for all competitors! Go, Bright Horizons! Just a bit more patience and then we will know the results!

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