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What could kangaroos and mathematics possibly have to do with each other? Can you believe it that the word 'kangaroo' is actually all about mathematics in March? This March, with the help of their amazing teacher mentors, our pupils achieved unbelievable results in the competition! Check this out!

The Kangaroo took place on 16th March in 623 elementary schools in Croatia. Have a look at their official web location Kangaroo – 2023 – Croatian Mathematical Society ( And here are some official numbers, because everything's about numbers in mathematics, right;)?

Total number of participants: 39 305 pupils

Our school competed across five levels.

Group Pčelice (Year 2): total number of participants was 8493 pupils. L. D. and J. B. ranked in the top 10%.

Group Leptirići (Year 3): total number of participants: 7 771 pupils. B. P. was rewarded with an honorable mention for a good score

Ecolier (Y4 and 5): total: 11 497 pupils. K. Z. (Y4) has the best result and position in our school. He ranked in the top 10%. J. K. H. (Y5) was rewarded with an honorable mention for a good score,

Group Benjamin (Y6): total: 6837, L. H. ranked in the top 10%, M. K. got an honorable mention for a good score.

Group Cadet (Y7&8): no rewards (this year - there is always room to improve, right;)

We would like to thank all our mentor teachers who helped our pupils prepare for this, thank you to Ms Postružin for providing all the information, to our parents, guardians and school for their overall support, and most of all - THANK YOU to all the maths whizzes who make it all seem so easy by winning so many awards!

Enjoy our little video and join us next year! If you dare...

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