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''Books are a uniquely portable magic.'' Do you know who said that? Well, when we had our quiz for International Children's Book Day Assembly, we learned that it was Stephen King.

We competed in our house teams and were challenged by Year 8 to some abc questions, anagrams, odd-one-out, and many more tasks.

In the end we had our guest performers from Year 4 recite us the poem by Julia Donaldson - I Opened a Book and we did some mindful reading all together.

The Book Day school dress-up is always a fun thing as you get to dress up as your favourite book character! Stop, drop and read makes us laugh a lot, as some people actually do drop and read in all sorts of funny places and positions at school!

We filled the school with posters about some of the books we read... Do you know any of these?

Our teachers dressed up as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we also voted for the best children's books ever, class by class. Here are the final results for this year:

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