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Story by Minjun, Interviewed by Minjun and Mustafa

Have you ever in your life seen the real human body and real human organs? Do you know what they look like? Do you know how the human body and human organs work? Have you ever been to Body World in Family mall? It is such a good experiment and exhibition. 

Just before we talk about bones and organs, our year 7B pupils Minjun and Mustafa interviewed our year 7A, year 7B and year 8 pupils about their experience in Body World.

BZ: What was interesting in Body World?

  • It was really interesting because I saw a real human body and learned new things about it.

  • It was interesting because I got to know more about human systems and sickness.

  • It was interesting because I got to see a real human body and real human organs.

  • It was interesting to observe the human body and organism.

BZ: What was fun about the field trip except the Body World

  • It was fun hanging around with my best friends and buying snacks from the store.

  • It was fun when we bought food from the cafe bar and ate delicious snacks.

  • We had a fun time when we had free time after the Body world.

  • We had a good experience playing and snacking after the Body world.

Photos by Ms Maričić

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