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Last weekend, our amazing and incredible Bright Horizons pupil Benjamin Echue and his football team Bubamara from Prečko, Zagreb, participated in a tournament in Kustošija .

Apart from facing all the final tests, Benjamin also trains a lot - three times a week, and sometimes even more when extra trainings are necessary. We caught him today for a brief interview, just in time after our school Sports Day (more on that soon) and before his next tournament!

BZ: What do you love most about football?

BEN: That we have a team. Everyone is very brave and strong. Our coach is great because he pushes us hard and he tells us never to give up.

BZ: What position do you play and are you happy with it?

BEN: I play center midfielder and striker. I'm happy with it because those are the positions I can score goals from.

BZ: What's your best streak in a game so far? Any hat-tricks?

BEN: I scored 3 goals at one game. I don't even remember when but if felt so happy that we even celebrated!

BZ: Do you have any role models in your family or among famous players?

BEN: My role model is my brother Francis (our former pupil at Bright Horizons, by the way) and Ronaldo. They both have good balance, and by watching them, I learned how to score goals.

BZ: How was the tournament in Kustošija last weekend?

BEN: It was amazing and I had a lot of fun. It was an international tournament. We didn't win this time but we will do it next time! Tomorrow we have another one in Saint Martin (Sv. Martin) so it will be our time to win!

BZ: What is your message to other pupils about balancing school, friends and football? Is it worth it and what do they have to be ready to do?

BEN: It's all worth it and sacrificing my time is not a problem because I love football. My friends and teachers understand that my teammates need me, and they all support me, especially my family. I do all my schoolwork, but when the game starts, I am very ready to score and help my team!

Great work, Benjamin! Keep doing your best!

(photos courtesy of Ben's mother)

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