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A Letter From Year 8

By: Anthony Echue, Dora Horvat, Lily Sisak, Melaniia Vashchenko, Sanjay Sivarajan

(Moving on to high school can be quite stressful for Year 8 pupils and their families. Things get hectic and overwhelming, yet also nostalgic, because this time next year things will be so much different. Therefore, before our Year 8 pupils open a new door to their secondary education and high schools, they prepared something special for you all.)

As the school year is coming to an end, we can’t help but think about transitioning into a new grade or school. Our amazing Year 8 students have created some motivational letters for the future Year 8s of this school in order to give some advice and share some things that will be helpful. We have selected our favorite quotes and tips to inspire you. 

Face your problems and don’t give up.

I can imagine what you’re feeling right now: fear, excitement, confusion, all sorts of things. There will be stressful moments, but the only thing you need to do is to never give up. 

Enjoy the time you will have with your classmates and teachers. Field trips like Maturalac are an amazing bonding experience.

Try to find balance between studying and the special things life has to offer.

A lot of people will try to tell you which high school to go to, but in the end, the decision is yours.

Things will always work out how they are supposed to, even when they don’t go according to plan. Plans can always change.

Make sure to take time and enjoy yourself. After all, this is your final year of primary school, so experience it to the fullest. 

I know Year 8 can sound hard and difficult, but it’s not as scary as you think.

You can do anything you tell yourself.

Year 8… will feel like home.

Everyone thinks differently, so everyone’s experience will be different. 

The point is, don’t be stressed. The year will be full of work and fun, so enjoy it. 

The next quotes are going to be tips for Year 8 rather than inspiration. These can help you stay on track and keep your cool. 

  • An hour-long walk without using your phone, just listening to music, can help you detox and clear your head.

  • Always be polite and attentive during lessons for your wellbeing in and out of school.

  • Don’t fall behind on your schoolwork

  • Spend time at the beginning of the year researching high schools if you are unsure where you want to go.

  • Make sure to spread out preparations for high school throughout the whole year by reviewing lessons and receiving in and out of school help if needed. 

  • Wear your tie. At all times. 

  • Avoid unnecessary drama and trouble.

  • All the teachers are very understanding and helpful so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  • You can create a timetable for the whole week with tasks that need to be done.

  • If you feel stressed, do a mindfulness exercise.

And finally, our personal favorite:

Because if you never reach for the stars, you will never know

if you could have landed on one or even become one.

Adam Alioto

Thank you for sharing, Year 8! We wish you all the best!

(In case you missed our previous article about the brand new Bright Horizons secondary school or high school, here it is - FLYING HIGH WITH A NEW HIGH SCHOOL! (

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