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Can you believe it? Our primary school celebrated its 10th birthday in autumn and now... wait for it... drum roll, please... - a very new, very fabulous - secondary school Bright Horizons! High school time, people! Time to think about what you would like to be when you grow up! Time to start learning how to get there! An amazing opportunity for all brave, resilient, curious pupils joining high schools these days! Check out what our tireless principal had to say about this!

Dear Ms Tišma, thank you for joining us today. This has been quite an important year for Bright Horizons, hasn't it? The anniversary and some fantastic news for our future high schoolers!

Yes, absolutely! This was and still is a very successful school year. To mark the 10th school anniversary we started the school year with an amazing student performance in the National Theatre . This brought all our school community together which was a great opportunity to thank everyone for all the support we are happy to have.

 It is also worth mentioning that throughout this school year we have coordinated an AI Erasmus project called AI Cosmic. This school year we've got more recognition as a school in the world stage of the international schools by being selected as one of the finalist for Wellbeing in schools by TES organisation. And finally of course, the long awaited Bright Horizons high school which will be open next fall.

Looking back now, how does it feel to have celebrated the school's 10th birthday? Could you have imagined 10 years ago the school developing and growing as it is? 

I have always strongly believed in the vision and mission of our school and in educating a child as a whole person. I am happy to see how we have grown as a school and how we improve every school year. We have a dedicated international and local team of teachers and professional staff who are a crucial part of this school.

After receiving significant recognition from the COBIS board, both for the school and yourself as well (Congratulations on this, by the way!), you have decided to finalise the plans for the long awaited Bright Horizons high school. Starting with a kindergarten, then growing into an amazing primary school, and now bravely continuing this educational mission! What and who prompted you to develop your school further into a high school?

The idea is to offer the students the continuation of the British international educational journey with internationally recognized certification through Cambridge examinations which will give our students an opportunity to easily enrol in universities abroad, but also to give them opportunity to have a recognised diploma in Croatia.

What is your mission for this new school? In this ever-changing, digital era, what do you think children need nowadays in terms of education?

With academics we will also have a strong emphasis on the global perspectives which will be one of the subject and give students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge to become active citizens in this everlasting changing future world.

How is the process going? What current procedures are in place?

The school is officially open. The address of the Highschool will be Harambasiceva street 19. We are happy that for the beginning we will be sharing the premises with the Private Gymnasium in Zagreb and we already have some interesting projects in plan. This will be a great opportunity for both schools to share their best practices.

What are you most proud of when you think about all the sacrifices and cherished moments from the past ten years? What are you most grateful for in this past decade? Would you change anything if you did it all over again?

I am grateful for all the opportunities I've experienced in this journey. For all the lovely students and their families with a different nationalities that left the mark on this school. We have said many goodbyes since many students live in Croatia only for few years. We also had families who were with us from the kindergarten time of their children. It is such a privilege to see them grow and become independent adults with their own different characters.

What is your message to the future generations of children?

Always try to find your strengths and talents and continuously work on them. Because talents without dedicated work can easily be lost, but with constant practice, it becomes your passion.

Thank you, Ms Tišma, and we do wish our Bright Horizons high school an bright future! Hip, hip, hooray for IBSZ!

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