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What is love? Humans have been trying to define this word for years and years. Well, we have decided to challenge some of our pupils and teachers to define it.

Here are some of their answers:

Love is when you give someone flowers.- Omer, Year 3

Love is a feeling in your stomach when you can’t stop thinking about someone.- Can, Year 4

Love is when you feel happy and safe around someone.-anonymous

Love is a set of emotions and behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion and commitment.- Francis, Year 8

For me love is caring about someone and trying to make them feel good. I don't believe in love.- Anonymous

Love is like when you want a toy/new clothes and your mom buys it. And your mom cooks for you.- Bruna, Year 3

Love is the most precious gift, we can all give each other. - Ms Kovačević, English teacher

Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more.- Vili, 6A

Love is a battlefield.- Mr Blaževic, Year 6b form teacher

So... what do YOU think love is?

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