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Meet Bright Horizons students better!

We have many hardworking and talented students in our school. You probably haven't met most yet, but that’s why we help you learn more about them. It's important to get to know our school better, especially if you're a new student here. 

Today you will find out more about a year 8 student - Lara. She is a hardworking and successful swimmer and her hard work shows through her amazing performances. We managed to catch her right after the Croatian National Championship of 2023 which was held in Rijeka. Our phenomenal Lara returned from this competition with an array of medals ranging from bronze to gold and we asked her to assemble them for us on a school desk. It took a while!

Interviewer: How old were you when you started to train swimming?

Lara: I was six years old when I started.

Interviewer: What is the hardest part about your training?

Lara: It is hard when I have to complete long tasks and have short breaks.

Interviewer: What is your favorite part about training?

Lara: When I am done and I know I did a good job.

Interviewer: Name one important thing about swimming?

Lara: One of the most important things is discipline.

Interviewer: Can you name me a few places you've travelled to due to competitions?

Lara: A few countries I've visited because of competitions are: Serbia, Cyprus and Spain.

Interviewer: What are your plans for the future in swimming?

Lara: I will try to qualify for the Olympics.

Interviewer: How are you planning to spend your Christmas break, Lara?

Lara: I will stay in Zagreb and spend time with my family.

Interviewer: That's it, thank you for your time Lara.

We wish Lara all the best in her future endeavours. It must be really tough to balance all the trainings with school obligations, especially when you are Year 8! Congratulations - you make us all very proud! Go, Lara!

In case you want to check out Lara's results, here is Lara's personal swimmer page on the website of the Croatian swimmers alliance: Hrvatski plivački savez (

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