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We are thrilled to share the exciting experience our Year 2 pupils had during the Water World Exit Point of their Topic unit. The classroom was abuzz with enthusiasm as we welcomed a special guest speaker – a skipper and a sailor who has sailed Pacific and Atlantic, along with many other seas.

Throughout Term 1, our pupils learned about the water world, and having a real-life sailor share his adventures added a thrilling dimension to their learning.

Our guest shared his collection of photos and videos featuring sea creatures, boats, and the places he explored during his journeys. He also brought along some of the equipment used on boats, providing a hands-on experience for our curious learners.

The highlight of the session was the engaging Q&A session. Our young Year 2 sailors had many questions that ranged from the types of sea creatures encountered, to the challenges of sailing.

It was an exciting day for our little explorers and adventurers.

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