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We live in an age when many of us (let's face it) are addicted to technology. Phones, computers, consoles, you name it – they are all a huge part of our everyday life. Whether this is good or bad for us is often discussed but rarely understood. The following essay takes a look at both sides of the argument, and at the end, I will share my opinion on this debate with you.

Firstly, let us take a look at the benefits of technology. Despite the fact that we have made it a huge part of our everyday life, it can actually make our life more efficient. For example, calculators and online translators are much faster than mathematicians and human translators due to the sheer power inside of a little smartphone. As well as practical uses, technology can be used for entertainment just the same. You can stream movies, shows, video games, videos, etc. Technology seems to be becoming essential for people around the world, whether kids or adults.

But is it becoming too essential? Studies show that given the choice between having their minds read or having their phones read, most would choose their minds. It is true that your phone knows more about you than you do, and if you look at the facts, this theory checks out. You probably have thousands of photos stored on your phone, if not tens of thousands, and that many memories simply couldn't fit in the human brain, which leads me to my second point – we are becoming too reliant on technology. Is it convenient? Yes, but there are many problems with this. For example, instead of asking a friend or family member for help spelling a word or referring to a dictionary, we will look it up almost every time. Some students are taking this even further and using it for their schoolwork. Hypothetically, if a perfect AI generating chatbot was ever created, you would have no idea what was real and what wasn't. And this isn't just some far-off, impossible future – this is happening at this very moment, right under our noses.

All things considered, technology has the opportunity to benefit us in many ways, but only if used properly. I think it should have more guidelines and rules, or it could get out of hand. It all depends on how you use it.

(Written by Lewis Hart)

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