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  • Can you tame a falcon?

  • Who has the wildest bedtime story?

  • How do you budget your pocket money?

  • Who did something you never saw coming?

  • How can we spend a week away from home?

  • What is bura?

  • Why is salt the 'salt of our lives'?

  • Who tells the best jokes?

These questions, and many more, are the questions which Years 4 and 5 were wondering in the week of their nature adventure. You wanted to know more about it, so our busy BZ team decided to investigate. Our Years 4 and 5 had the fun and educational opportunity of going on a nature trip this May. It was a memorable trip to the seaside with lots to explore and learn about the nature. They all also learnt a lot about each other.

Here is what their lead teachers, Ms Postružin and Ms Grace, had to say about it... As for the pupils who travelled, you can see how we spent our time in the photos below.

BRIGHT ZONE TEAM: Where did you travel for your field trip?

Ms Grace: We had the pleasure of visiting many different places some of which included Šibenik, NP Kornati, a falconry centre, Nin and Zadar.

Ms Postružin: Take a peek at our itinerary, just roughly: Day 1: Šibenik - Vodice, Day 2: Vodice - NP Krka - Vodice (This trip was unfortunately cancelled, because, for the first time in history, parts of the Krka National Park are closed to visitors. Instead, the teachers saved the day and organised alternative activities for the pupils: indoor pool, playground and cinema 'Super Mario' movie.) Day 3: Vodice - NP Kornati - Vodice, Day 4: Vodice - Prvić-Falconry Centre - Vodice, Day 5: Vodice - Saltworks Nin -Zg.

BRIGHT ZONE TEAM: Could you tell us a bit more about the purpose of these nature trips?

Ms Postružin: Residential trips/Nature trips are school trips that take place over a few days and pupils are required to stay away from home. Residential trips are usually activity-based trips and are one of the first experiences of being away from home for a child. Trips can be linked to the topic studied in school and provide lots of opportunity for outdoor learning and discussion.

Residential outdoor education has numerous benefits for school children and young adults alike. Team bonding activities, individual skills development, confidence building outdoor pursuits, plus the experience of living together 24 hours a day, all combine to ensure each and every student will benefit from a residential activity school trip.

Away from home, perhaps for the first time, school residential trips form such an important part of growing up and are the perfect opportunity for a valuable learning experience.

BRIGHT ZONE TEAM: Which classes travelled and what did you do there?

Ms Grace: Year 4 and Year 5 pupils had the pleasure of attending this Nature Trip and we stayed in Hotel Vodice which is close to Šibenik.

Ms Postružin: Our pupils mainly say that the greatest fun was socializing in each others rooms, football, disco and falconry centre.

BRIGHT ZONE TEAM: What was the most surprising thing about the trip?

Ms Postružin: The bad weather, unfortunately.

Ms Grace: Yes. Unfortunately at the beginning of our trip, we were not so lucky with the weather. Therefore we missed out on going to NP Krka. Luckily, we were still able to do lots of fun activities like going swimming and going to the cinema. We had a lot of fun.

BRIGHT ZONE TEAM: What did you learn about each other that you didn’t know before?

Ms Grace: Lots of us learnt that we had more in common with each other. We had so many opportunities to socialise with different people that we didn't always get to spend time with, it was super fun!

Ms Postružin: My pupils say that they learnt to be more independent and learnt that they can take care of themselves for good 5 days. Some say they learnt to be rational with money.

BRIGHT ZONE TEAM: If you could go again, where would you go, what would you do and who would you take with you?

Ms Postružin: Years 4-6! We can travel somewhere else if we take the same children, but I would definitely recommend this trip to future generations.

Ms Grace: If we could go again, I would love for the weather to be kinder to us. Everyone was so positive and we still all had a great time, but as many of our activities are outdoors, having good weather would allow us to really take in the incredible nature. We would love to visit NP Krka as this time we couldn't as it closed due to bad weather. All the teachers and children had such an amazing time that I would say I would take the same people again, however I know that other children and teachers would also love the opportunity to go, so I am sure we would love for others to go so that they can enjoy all of the same activities that we did.

Well, Years 4 and 5, we don't want to say we envy you, but... we do envy you! It looks like you had a phenomenal time! We hope this inspires our primary years to prepare for their adventures next year, and we know for sure that our years 6, 7 and 8 remember trips such as this one with a smile!

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