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No matter how small or big we get, no matter what the weather is like, it is always fun and fantastic to get out of the school building, take a walk into the nature in our casual clothes and go hunting for some eggs! Here are some impressions from our Bright Horizons 'egg hunters':

  • It's just cool to go running through the forest with friends!

  • I love yelling in the forest - there's this special echo!

  • It was so good to get out in the sun and just run around!

  • My friends even sound some eggs that were left over from last year, I think!

  • We collected a gazzillion eggs. I think!

  • My favourite ones are red, but I found an orange one, too!

  • I wish we could have a picnic here, too!

  • The best part is returning to school afterwards for some chocolate eggs! Yummy!

  • Why can't we go one more time?

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