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Christmas Eve had just turned into Christmas, when a little girl named Julie woke up with joy and excitement! Rushing downstairs with a big smile on her face, she immediately wanted to check the calendar to make sure that it really was the day she thought it was. However, when she got downstairs, she noticed something horrible – something that could ruin Christmas for everyone in her home! 

The Christmas Tree wasn’t there!!!

She immediately froze when she noticed it. She stared at the empty space, her jaw dropping. Her eyes started to water and the big smile on her face changed into a big frown. She thought Santa Claus wouldn’t come if there was no Christmas tree. She went rushing back upstairs to her parents’ bedroom in hope they would say that this was all just a joke and that they had a better-than-ever Christmas tree.

When she told her parents the news she could tell there was no surprise. Later on, her parents came down with her baby brother and said they were going to the lumberyard. Julie’s face went back to a huge smile! It took them a while to find the right Christmas tree but they did.

Once they got home, they immediately placed the Christmas tree in the empty space. All joy and excitement were restored in the household, especially in Julie’s heart. When Christmas came they all got about a dozen of the best gifts!

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