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We could claim that this guy will be making miracles happen some day. We could. However, he is already making miracles happen and we are so proud to call him a friend!

At Bright Horizons, we have all long admired Sven's fantastic success in skiing! Plus, he is such a cool guy to hand out with and has a great sense of humour! Teachers say he is hard-working and respectful attitude towards everyone and all his school obligations, so we can definitely claim that Sven is one of our role models, although he usually doesn't like to talk about himself much and prefers to stay in the shadows.

In order to feature his story in our newsletter, we did some research and talked to his friends and parents. Here is a bit more about this sports life. If you want to see what a good friend he is, you have to join us and see for yourself!

Sven got on skis for the first time at the age of four. Since the age of 6, he has been a member of the Croatian Academic Ski Club "Mladost", where he still skis today. Among the skiing disciplines, he skis slalom, giant slalom and Super G. In the final of this year's CROSKI Children's Cup, he won 1st place in giant slalom. This year, due to excellent results in the season, he became a member of the national children's CROSKI team. Check our his results' page here.

Thank you for being so inspiring, Sven!

(photos courtesy of Sven's parents)

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