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We bet just the word Physics sends shivers down your spine and makes you feel nervous and fidgety! But there is no reason to feel like that. Physics is all around us and it can be phenomenal!

Our Science department has set up an exciting Physics project in the upper hallways of the school building which are both interesting and educational.

The projects revolve around the concepts of hydraulics and pneumatics. Our Year 7 pupils have created various models and demonstrations that showcase the practical applications of these principles. The aim is to provide an interactive learning experience for the pupils and foster our curiosity in the world of Physics.

Naturally, we must handle the models with care and follow any instructions provided in order to maintain a safe learning environment.

This hands-on approach will allow us to observe and experiment with the models, gaining a better understanding of how hydraulics and pneumatics work in real-life scenarios. We are also encouraged to use this opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions, which will deepen our understanding of these concepts.

Still afraid? Come to Bright Horizons and see just how phenomenal Physics can be!

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