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Many of us have pets or would like to have them. We thought it would be interesting to ask our friends, teachers and even former pupils about their pets. Here are some of the things we learned. By the way, feel free to send us short stories about your pets. We'd love to hear some!

Our very own Year-8 Bright Zone photographer and writer, Slavko, is a cat fan. He did some investigating about cats and this is what he sent us...

I have my own cat Willy and he inspired me to write about cats, because he is extremely interesting and lovely.

Cats are respected for their grace and mystery, and have fascinated humanity for millennia. With their flexible forms and mesmerizing gaze, they impersonate elegance and independence. From ancient Egypt to modern homes, these mysterious creatures continue to reign as truly loved companions, bringing comfort and happiness to our lives.

Our English teacher and librarian, Ms Kovačević, has two cats and a dog. This is what she shared about them...

These three are like a little clan round the house. The empress is Lily, she is a gorgeous yellow lady-cat we gave home to a few years ago. She is moody, demanding, tough, as fast as a flash and as fluffy as a cloud. Her daughter, Pipi, is a colourful little bundle of charm who is also a big hero - she suffered a serious injury when she was only a year old and she never gave up or changed her character. Her 'sister' is our hyperactive Border Collie, Oya, who will do just about anything for us except leave her ball alone. The pet trio get spoiled by every single member of the household, although some would never admit to it.

Our former pupil, now our high school volunteer, Mia Grubišić, has sent us some information about her cute pet...

Lola is an eight year old Yorkie Terrier and Poodle cross. She's a bit chubby yet adorable. Despite having her knee operated on, she still loves chasing cats around the neighbourhood.

More stories about pets coming soon from our pupils as our busy Bright Zone team is interviewing many people around school.


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