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Superheroes appear in all shapes and sizes throughout the history of storytelling, from cave stories, myths, books to movies and video games. We all like to look up to them. However, it is easy to be a superhero once you ARE one. The amazing challenge of life is to be an ordinary superhero and to appreciate your own worth. This is why RESILIENCE matters - being able to recover from downfalls, resisting challenges which would lead us astray. and staying true to ourselves. Resilience is our personal goal this half-term.

Our special guest author, an amazing aspiring writer from one of our Years 7, has written us a story about finding a superhero within yourself...

By special guest author Mila V. , Y7

Amola was 13 years old. She was a cute little girl and had an extraordinary presence that no one could really decipher. However, I won’t go on with this story saying how different she was from all the other kids. Instead, I will say that everyone is different in their own way. On what scale, it depends on how much you shape yourself to mold into other people's preferences and desires. Or just simply try to “fit in”.

Amola doesn’t have any superpowers like levitation or telepathy. Instead, she understands herself. She is not affected by the troubles of life. Amola is clear in her head so she feels things that other people take a long time to comprehend. She can easily put herself in other people’s shoes.  So maybe this world doesn’t need flashy and cool superheroes. Maybe you just need to understand yourself so you can understand other people.

Don’t be trapped in a box! Keep fantasizing about all the precious gems that lie inside your spirit. Because, when you look closer, the only thing that really matters is getting out of that box and being yourself.

It takes a superhero to handle every day challenges and be yourself, feel empathy and understand others. We hope you all find that superhero within yourself!

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