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There is this fantastic, magical wonder-girl in our Year 3! Her name is Livia Pavlek and you will be hearing about her in the future! Here is what we have learned about her, although she modestly keeps such phenomenal accomplishments to herself!

Livia is competing in a very difficult sport - tennis! Tennis is an individual sport in which you are not only battling the oponent on the other side of the net, but also yourself, by boosting your resilience and stamina and overcoming worries and weaknesses! Livia has been active academically, whilst training hard to get to where she is now!

Here is a spring update on her tennis achievements...

Livia has been coming first in most of her tournaments, which even qualified her for an  ‘invitation only’ Master tournament: 8 best in Austria! And soon she will be competing in a category 1 Tournament: by invitation! We wish her only the very best!

Dear Livia, keep hitting that ball precisely, play fair and stay strong! We believe in you! We know your Year 3 are incredibly proud of you as is our entire Bright Horizons community!

Here are some photos her parents have gracefully shared with us for the newsletter!

1st Place: Kids Head Tour, Austria

Finalist: Austrian Championships

1st Place again: Kids Head Tour, Austria

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