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There are so many amazing athletes at Bright Horizons, along with scientists and artists. In the current Year 4, for example, there is a terrific tandem of judo-training twins we all love, and the two of them rarely boast about their successes!

Our Andras and Lazar are not only fun to be with as friends, but they can also teach us a lot about judo! They have participated in many competitions so far and are only getting better by the day!

  • Did you know that judo is an unarmed modern-type martial arts that originates from Japan and has been an Olympic sport since 1964?

  • Did you know that the word for a person who practices and is an expert in judo is 'JUDOKA' and it comes from Japanese, from judo + -ka ‘person, profession’?

  • Did you know that in judo levels are also marked with belts?

  • And finally - did you know that our fantastic twins have just reached their level 4.kyu? (For those who don't know, the Kyu Grade system is aimed at judoka 14 years and older as well as those who are between 14 and 17 years of age who already hold a Mon Grade and are converting to the next grading scheme. Judoka who are over the age of 18 will automatically start on the Kyu Grade system.)

Here is what Andras and Lazar have to say about their sport...

BZ: What's the best thing about judo?

A: What I like about judo is when I throw my opponents on the tatami (sic: mat). There are different throws in judo and my favourite is uchi-mata. And the competitions are exciting and I always learn a lot from them.

L: I love the throws as well. They get easier after a lot of practice and hard work. The trainings are fun and the senseis (sic: master) in Thor Borilački Klub are knowledgeable. We learn a lot about judo and resilience.

BZ: Excellent - resilience is one of the personal goals we learnt about in school, too. By the way, how difficult is it to balance school and trainings? Who supports you?

A: Not that hard. My friends and parents support me by always being there for me. 

L: It gets more difficult after 7 years. My parents cheer for me the most. When I get tired, they give me extra energy.

BZ: Family matters. What is challenging for you in judo? How do your senseis (trainers) motivate you when things don't go well?

A: In a competition, it is when we are the lightest in our weight group, and taking a belt exam is always a challenge. I feel more secure when the trainers are around and support me in a competition. One of the fundamental principles of judo is well--being, therefore our trainers encourage us before competitions to give our best and enjoy ourselves. 

L:  Competitions are always challenging as you never know what to expect from your opponents and you need to be on top, both physically and mentally. Our trainers giving us instructions beside the tatami what to do to win a fight is always motivational and gives me extra energy.

BZ: What was your proudest moment in your competitions so far?

A: When I faced a really tough and persevering opponent in my competition in the last round, but finally I managed to win the fight with a golden throw and with this I earned the gold medal. I am proud of that. 

L:  Once I managed to win over an unpleasant opponent who was pinching and scratching me a lot. But I was focusing on the fight and not on his unfair actions.

BZ: Congratulations to both of you! Who would you recommend judo to - any special age group or just about anybody?

A: I think if you are fast, strong and flexible you are suitable for judo.

L:  I'd recommend judo to anybody who has a lot of energy and is quick-minded because you always need to surprise your opponent on tatami. 

We are so proud of all our classmates from Bright Horizons! Keep up the good work!

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