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Fantastic Football - report

(It is never too late for football, right? Here is our long-awaited report about a fabulous football game our pupils attended with their teachers.)

Our school got tickets to see a Croatian National football game again! This time victory would mean qualification for EURO 2024. We were even fortunate enough to see the team bus before the match. As we were making our way to the stadium, we were jammed into a tight queue. We finally got in and took our seats. The tension was rising as the players entered the pitch. Defeat was not an option for the Vatreni

Croatia had some early chances, all of which were easily smothered by their goalkeeper. About half an hour in, Armenia were gifted a huge chance, but up rose Livaković with a great save to keep the scores level. The tension rose higher as we approached half-time, still goalless, but then Croatian striker Ante Budimir opened the scoring with a wonderful low header after a beautiful cross from Borna Sosa. The crowd went wild as he celebrated the goal. 

As the whistle blew for half-time, we felt relieved after all the action. This was an absolute must-win match and you could see that by the way we played. We had to fight for our qualification. Fail to win, and it could be all over. We just had to hang on for the second half.

Early in the second half, Croatia nearly doubled their lead after a long shot rebounded to Mario Pašalić who could only hit the goalkeeper’s outstretched leg from a tight angle. A near post corner was headed on by a Croatia player and fell to the feet of Marcelo Brozović who slipped as he struck the ball, but still forced the Armenia goalkeeper to palm his shot away from goal. 

After what felt like forever, the referee blew his full-time whistle, and the Croatian fans erupted with cheers. Croatia were through to EURO 2024! It was a celebratory moment, not just for the fans but for the players, the manager, the staff, and Croatia as a whole. Fireworks erupted around the stadium, filling the empty night sky with colour and light. We all left the stadium with smiles on our faces, knowing the importance of this victory.

We were disappointed to leave but the excitement of winning overshadowed our sorrow. After all, that was the reason we had come- to win! But not just that. We had fun! That’s what counts, win or lose. Being there to see it was the biggest pleasure of all!

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