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Oh yes, we do - we have ENTREPRENEURS at school! This is what we call learning life skills and we have it every year in year 4.

Year 4 and their form teacher, Ms Postruzin, celebrated the end of the 'Young Entrepreneurs' unit with a special exit point sale.

Running a business involves many personal skills – creativity, leadership, team work, communication, budgeting, planning, design, customer-awareness and so on. If we want to become the successful entrepreneurs of the future, then it is important that we understand the hard work that goes into planning and setting up a business – and turning our ideas into a reality. That is exactly what Year 4 did!

The children were responsible for the whole process of setting up a business; creating a business plan, meeting with Mrs Tisma to introduce their business proposal to her, making the products, advertising, running their stall and handling money transactions.

Finally, Year 4 has to now come up with a decision on how they want to spend the profit from the sale!

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