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What is more interesting - to be a good athlete or a good artist? Well, how about combining both and being a great dancer?

Believe it or not, we have such an amazing combo in one of our Year 7 classes. Our phenomenal, creative and athletic Ana Vučić is not just a passionate storyteller or a fun friend - she is also a hard-working dancer in the team of Plesni punktovi Zagreb, and they joined the Croatian Dance Challenge and the Dance World Cup Qualifiers!!!

While preparing for this competition, Ana was really dedicated to the task. Her parents even had to pick her up earlier from the school ski camp, because she didn’t want to miss the final practices two days before the event. Ana showed respect for her team, dedication to her dancing and resilience in all their efforts. She was aware that everyone's effort counts in a team. She didn’t want to miss anything or make a mistake during the competition, because it would have affected all her teammates and their final result. And it was worth it!

The competition was the Croatian Dance Challenge and Dance World Cup Qualifiers. It was held in Požega on March 9th and 10th. Her group won the second place in their category and the silver medal and qualified for the finals of the Dance World Cup in Prague. It will be held in June and we will all be rooting and cheering for their choreography named “The letter”!

Congratulations to the entire team, and especially to our Ana! She sets an excellent example to us all, combining art with sports, being a respectful team member and remaining a great friend!

(photos courtesy of Ana's parents)

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