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Christmas is coming! Make Nature enjoy it, too!

Even Santa Clause supports sustainable initiatives. This year, he has to travel very fast so he can come to every house on Christmas Eve. He will appreciate your efforts for greener choices which will collect the CO2 from his travelling.

Whether you have an artificial pine, live pine in a jar or a cut Christmas tree, it is very important to think about how to recycle it after the holidays.

Here are some examples of recycling:

  • compost that is reused in nature

  • cut the Christmas tree for the barbecue

  • submerge Christmas trees in fishponds, lakes and seas so that the fish can hide and have shelter

  • place it on the balcony or yard and put out food for the birds

  • give Christmas trees to goat herders - they like to sprout spruces and pines because they contain vitamin C

  • Christmas trees should be returned to nature for the benefit of all living beings.

We're all for making holiday traditions more sustainable, so I hope these ideas have inspired you to try something new with your Christmas tree this year.

This Christmas, show your love for the planet...

Written by Slavko P.

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