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If you like to cook and have fun, come to Chill Zone!

Chill Zone is one of our amazing afterschool activities. Ms Đurić teaches us how to make delicious treats and enjoy them together. From chocolate-covered marshmallows and cheesecake in cups to slaty and delicious egg-salad sandwiches and tortillas. There's something for everyone!

In Chill Zone, we try a lot of foods. Ms Đurić is very creative in making recipes that are simple, yet scrumptious! Chill Zone starts at 3:15 and lasts until 4.00. and it takes place in the dining room. Come join us and try new kinds of food! Maybe you find your favourite meal there like so many others!

Here are some details from our workshops...

story by Maja and Ruža, Year 6b; photos by Ms Đurić

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