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Art is amazing, creative, freeing... Even though it seems like something that should not be judged or graded as it is so individual, still it can be challenging and there are plenty of competitions in the field of art. It makes us explore new ideas and techniques, improve our skills and get better at it.

Our Art department in school has been quite strong and talent-packed for a long time now, so this year our Art teacher Ms Bobinac got our Bright Horizon artists into quite a few competitions. Naturally, our BZ reporters interviewed her about it.

1. What Art competitions did the school join this year?

The school competed in LIK 2023. the official Art competition for Croatia and Plastelinko, a competition where we learned a new art technique.

2. How many pupils joined the competition and did they do well?

Lots of pupils were interested in competing, especially for LIK because we used tablets and did digital art. (Learn more about LIK here.)

3. Have you ever joined any competition when you were a pupil? How did it feel?

Yes, I have competed in lots of different competitions. In LIK I won first place in the state and got a free trip to Brijuni. It was magnificent!

4. Why do you believe it is good for children to participate in such competitions?

It's good for them to learn, explore and practise creativity. It is also good feedback on their progress and achievements.

5. Why is it important for today’s children to do Art?

Art is a combination of all subjects in one big creative balloon. They learn to express themselves and work with their hands and brains.

Thank you, Ms Bobinac, for this interview and for believing in our art! And thank you, Bright Horizons artists, for brightening up our days!

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