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by our special Christmas correspondent, Mila, Year 7

In a cosy little room, surrounded by bookshelves and little knick-knacks, there was a plump old lady leaning over an ancient wooden desk. She had a pen in her hand and was scribbling furiously on a stack of papers.

Humongous, circular glasses sat on her thin, pointy nose and her gray hair was knotted into a bun. Still writing like a bullet train, her mouth contorted into a wide smile.

'Done,' she squealed.

The woman threw her pen and stack of papers in the air. Then she scuttled out of the room, cackling like a witch. However, she wasn't anything of the sort; merely a lonely lady driven loopy by living in her little cottage with nobody's company but her own. This is why she first started to write, story after story, book after book, until every corner of her house had piles of papers around. All of the stories were interesting, each with its own meaning. Although, if you could ask for the most special tale that would give you a smile, it would be the one that goes like this...

Once upon a time, a little girl with blond hair and cherry-colour lips was out in her yard. Her parents were at work and her brother couldn't care less about what she was doing.

'Oh how much I wish for a friend,' she thought to herself.

Suddenly an idea struck her. She could make a snowman!

The girl got to work. She hurled balls of snow and stacked them on top of each other.

'It looks like a real snowman,' she said. 'I can even get my favourite scarf and hat to put on him.'

She sprinted inside the house and came back with a handful of things. Plums for the eyes, raisins for the mouth, a carrot for the nose and her favourite pink, sparkly scarf and hat.

The finished product was magnificent and the snow glistened like a thousand stars. The gril hugged the snowman and to her surprise, the snowman hugged her back.

She took a couple of steps back, but the snowman took a couple of steps forward.

'HI! Want to play?'

The girl was flushed with joy! Everything she ever wanted was in front of her.

From that moment on, the girl and the snowman were best friends. The playdates continued. Every day, the little girl would run out and play with the snowman. Even her careless brother noticed that something strange was happening.

If her brother had peeked out of the window though, he would only have seen his sister playing by herself.


Dear all, we hope you all have someone to hang out with during the holidays! Be a good friend to somebody! And don't forget...

We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.

Virginia Satir

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