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What’s cookin’?

Every school needs a person who will always have that positive and pro-active attitude, and someone who is able to get everything moving even when things are tough. We have plenty of such kind spirits around school. One of them is definitely our tough and kind school counsellor – Ms Đurić. She is our go-to person for everything and we know we can always count on her assistance in anything. One of her favourite things in the world are school events so who better to ask about them than her? Here is what she said…


BRIGHT ZONE: This school year we have had the presidential election, Cooks For Books, the Halloween pumpkin contest, the 10th Anniversary show, we just had Christmas shows last week, and many interesting assemblies, with much more to come. What are some of your favourite school events and why?

MS ĐURIĆ: I love working at a school that has so many events taking place throughout the entire school year! I love being a part of organizing and planning events and it's really hard to say which activity is my favourite, but if I had to choose one it would definitely be COOKS4BOOKS.


The first reason is because during my afterschool activity, Chill zone, we do LOTS of baking activities and it correlates really well with COOKS4BOOKS which is all about baking some delicious goodies! Another reason why I love this event is because everyone is invited! Our school is always filled with people during this event; parents, grandparents, siblings, family friends, our pupils and our staff. I'm always so surprised when I see just how many people are included in the Bright Horizons community in one way or another. My third reason why I love this event is because our pupils love this event! They are so creative, motivated and this experience really is used as a learning opportunity where they get the chance to learn elements of financing, marketing, selling and so on. Last but not least, the whole initiative behind this event is amazing to me. After working so hard to bake their products and sell them, they get the chance to choose the books that they would like to add to our school library and then they get to enjoy them whenever they want :)


I look forward to this event every school year and I can't wait for November 2024 to come around again!


Thank you, Ms Đurić, for your time and all the energy you put into the events. We love them, too!

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