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You may remember Bright Horizons receiving visitors from Spain not so long ago (here's the story). We are proud to say this friendship continued and our pupils got to visit the children in Spain, accompanied by our wonderful teachers Ms Thomas and Ms Končurat. Here is a short report about the visit!

After the Spanish chlldren visited us, we went to Cambrils, their town, to return the visit. Cambrils is located near Barcelona, so before arriving in Cambrils, we spent a day and a half in Barcelona. We had the opportunity to see many things there. We took the hop-on-hop-off bus, which allowed us to explore the entire city. We saw a lot of Gaudí's art, the Barca stadium, and the largest church in the world, Sagrada Familia, and we tasted amazing Spanish churros con chocolate.

When we arrived in Cambrils, each pupil went to their host families. The next day, we met again at their school and did a lot of activities with the students, separated into Y6A and Y6B. We also had a math workshop with an expert. We learned some Spanish and Catalan words and also a typical dance with percussion. On Wednesday, we had Sports Day at the beach, and it was fabulous. We also had dinner together. On Thursday, we went on a boat cruise, which was amazing too and we swam in the sea. In the afternoon we did experiments in the class. On Friday, we started our trip back to Zagreb very early in the morning and arrived in our town in the afternoon.

It was a fantastic experience to hear the language in the streets, see the sights and feel so welcomed, not only as a guest but a friend! Student exchange is an extraordinary experience and it builds our confidence, empathy and understanding of other cultures, appreciation for their history and so much more! We also got to spend time with our teachers in a different environment and make fun memories! We are very grateful to our generous hosts. New food, new scents, new sounds, new feelings! A great adventure for everyone!

Note from the editor: Now you made all of us just a little bit envious of you;). Just kidding! We are so happy for you all and we want to be the next ones to go now!

(We thank Ms Končurat and Ms Thomas for the report and photos.)

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