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Wooohoo! Bright Horizons has its own cheerleading squad and they are fantastic! Just in case you skipped this delicious piece of news, our team of amazing cheerleaders have been training a lot and are already bringing home some awards! Special thanks to Ms Hart who was our special correspondent this time. Here are some details:

The Cheerleading Competition took place in the Središće Elementary School at 7pm on Sunday, 16th June, 2024. The competition included 7 elementary schools throughout Croatia as well as an exhibition from 3 club teams. The awards were given, with our very own Bright Horizons winning best formations. 

The girls on our squad are grades 1-5. Their skills included: dancing, tumbling, stunting! The girls really had fun and were proud of themselves. They practice once a week on Fridays and this is the first year for this program at our school.

Dear girls, you are spectacular! Such fabulous team spirit and pure joy! You make us so proud! This was just your first year performing and already winning medals! We were thrilled to celebrate your success at our Assembly! Keep up the great work!

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