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Did you know that our Year 3 has a spectacular supergirl named Solomiia? Well, you better learn about her because she is on her way to becoming famous! She plays mini-handball and she is doing amazingly well! Persistence, discipline, stamina, strength and teamwork - these are all values we cherish in our community and Solomiia has them all!

Here are just a few competitions she participated in and this is only this spring so far!

On Saturday, March 23, Solomiia took part in the 13th international minihandball competition in Slovenia in Radece. The team of girls RK Interzapresic RS Vucici ( born in 2014-2015 ) took second place, and Solomiia received the award as the best goalkeeper of the tournament among girls in 2014-2015 birth.

On June 1, Solomiia took part in the "Pysarovina 2024" mini-handball tournament. As a goalkeeper, Solomiia performed in several groups, including in the girls' team, born in 2015 and in the boys' team, born in 2015.

Solomiia played 17 games, including 7 after the ball hit her in the face and finally broke her glasses.

Solomiia and her team took 3rd place in the 2015 girls group with a difference of 1 point and 3rd place in the 2015 boys group, with a difference of 2 points. What a streak!

Thank you to her classmate, teachers and her wonderful parents who support her efforts! GO, Solomiia, go! We are very proud of you!

(photos courtesy of Solomiia's parents)

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