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MYSTERY GUEST INTERVIEW – ANTSA LUCAS (Unscramble to get to the name)

Imagine that! Year 2 had this wonderful, amazing, magical idea at our first brainstorm session of the Bright Zone team – they said they would like to interview Santa Claus! One of our editors-in-chief, M. D., even sat down with the team of associate editors and prepared the questions in hopes that this would be possible. And go figure – we made that happen!

The week before the big day, a mysterious man in a red-and-white suit, a slightly odd white beard and a round belly showed up at Bright Horizons and sneaked into every classroom to check up on us all! Photo-op, naturally! With a short time span for everybody to adjust their behaviour and maybe earn a better spot on the Nice&Naughty list.

And then he spent some time with our wonderful Year 2 who asked him all sorts of questions during their exclusive interview with Santa Claus! Here is a glimpse into their queries and his replies…

Y2: How old are you?

SANTA: Around 900 years.

Y2: Where do you come from?

SANTA: I come from Lapland. It’s far, far in the north.

Y2: Do you like candy?

SANTA: Oh, I really like candy. All candy!

Y2: How do you travel all around the world in one night?

SANTA: Because I travel in reverse.

Y2: How is that possible?

SANTA: Because then I get a day extra.

Y2: The elves help you deliver the presents. Is there someone who reads the letters and not you?

SANTA: All my elves read the letters and they’ll deliver the gifts to Australia because I don’t have time to go there.

Y2: How do you make the reindeer fly?

SANTA: Oh, I cannot tell you that but it has something to do with magic dust.

Y2: Why didn’t you bring me my present last year? You only brought me that crystal kit.

SANTA: Because that’s what you get when you are not completely good, so you better be completely good this year.

Y2: No, but I was…

SANTA: No, no, I have a record that says you weren’t on the 7th of April. I keep track of everything.

Y2: Why do you eat so many cookies?

SANTA: Because they are delicious.

Y2: Is it hard for you to deliver all those presents?

SANTA: No, no, it’s not hard. I prepare for that all year.

Y2: Was I good this year?

SANTA: Were you good this year? Hmm… most of the time.

Y2: Am I on the nice list or not?

SANTA: I’ll think about it…

The conversation continued on and on and we hated letting Santa go, but there are things for him to do, places to visit, gifts to deliver. We do hope he visits your house too. WE had so much fun!

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