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Field Trip to MSU

We left school at 10:20am. On the ride there Julide and I talked. After what seemed like forever we were finally there.

We started right away. First we looked at a shiny metal sculpture. Next we looked at an exhibit called a spacial picture. It looked very cool. After that we saw a sculpture called inner eyes. Then we went into the Artists Art Room. Following that, we sat on a couch that was actually art. We also looked at a 2 sided bike. Then we went into a glowing room. After that it was into a spaghetti art thing. Then we saw a word art piece.

After a long time it was finally lunch. After lunch we did a workshop. We did lots of things in the workshop. I made my friend a drawing because it was her last day. We got back to school at 2:15. I really learned a lot on this field trip. I did not realize there were so many types of art.

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